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I found a few "RollingStones" bootlegs in a little town

The story started somewhere over the rainbow, when I went to the cinema to see "The Roling Stones - Let's Spend The Night Together".

WOW!!!!I saw the Rolling Stones in a big screen, dancing, jumping, singing ...playing the best Rock & Roll ever made! That was the moment when I turned on a Rolling Stones fan.

After that with 14 years old, I started to buy all the official
collection, the first one (of course) was "Still Life".

The next summer a new Record Store called "John
Lennon" came to the town, and there I saw the first Rolling Stones bootlegs LPs, Bight Light, Big City", "Bedspring Symphony aka Brussels Affair", "Reverse Blues aka Out On Bail", "American Tour 1981 aka Hampton '81".

Of course the guy from the Record Store didn't sell any of those
fantastic LPs, so I bought tapes from all those fabulous bootlegs.

Then, in 1989, in a big city, after buying all the official collection in Cd's, I saw another fantastic thing..."Live In America aka Conquer America", "The Decca Years", "Get Satisfaction...If You Want!" (Lots of old Italian labels)...WOW!!! bootleg CD's!!!... Then I started with my bootleg collection in Cd's.

Anyway, I don't want to bore you with my story, enjoy one of the best Stones bootleg site!

Keep Rolling guys!!!

Rolling Stones Vol I - Extra Licks!
Ron Wood - A Tribute To Ginger Baker
Ron Wood - Symphony Hall 2019
Ron Wood - All Saint Church 2019
Ron Wood - Shepherd's Bush 2019
Rolling Stones - Glendale 2019 STEREO
Rolling Stones - Pasadena 2019 STEREO
Rolling Stones - Chicago II 2019 STEREO
Rolling Stones - Chicago I 2019 STEREO
Rolling Stones - Miami 2019
Rolling Stones - Glendale 2019
Rolling Stones - Pasadena 2019
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