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  20 Mick Taylor  Bootlegs
Click here to see the Stones solo CDs
Yeah! It's true, lots of CD's!!! ...or what I'm doing??
I'm a CD collector since 1990, through these years I've had the good luck of getting a lot of rare stuff. I've more than 600 CD's, so If you are a
Stone freak like me, you will really enjoy to enter this section.
You will find almost 440 bootlegs titles from the Stones and solos.
Title Order ASCOrder DESC Format Year Order ASCOrder DESC
 Arthur's Club '95 1 CD 1995
 Live at the Arthur's Club, Geneva, 1995
 Electric Affair 2 CD 2001
 Live at Worcester Park Club, London, UK, October...
 Is There A Live After The Stones? 1 CD 1996
 Several sources
 Listen To This Ronnie 1 CD 1996
 Cesena, Italy, July 22, 1996
 Little Red Rooster 1 CD 2001
 Live In Hungary 2001
 Live at The Bethlehem (with Alvin Lee) 1 CD 1981
 Live at The Bethlehem, Stabler Arena, November 24,...
 Live At The Palace (with Alvin Lee) 1 CD 1981
 Live In Paris. Theatre Le Palace, November 12, 1981...
 Live at The Spectrum (with Alvin Lee) 1 CD 1981
 Live In Philadelphia, The Spectrum, December 4,...
 Live In Firenze '81 (with Alvin Lee) 1 CD 1981
 Live In Firenze, Italy
 Live In Kiel '81 (with Alvin Lee) 1 CD 1981
 Live In Keil, Germany, November 11, 1981
 Live In Kiev '95 2 CD 1995
 Live In Kiev, Ukranie, September 15, 1995
 Live In Osaka '09 1 CD 2009
 Live In Osaka, Japan on April 18, 2009
 Live In Torino '81 (with Alvin Lee) 2 CD 1981
 Live In Torino, October 26, 1981
 Lone Star Cafe 1 CD 1987
 Live at Lone Star Cafe, NYC on July 4th, 1987 (2nd...
 Memphis 2000 2 CD 2000
 Live in Memphis, Jack Legs, September 16, 2000
 Montevideo Blues Vol.1 1 CD 1990
 Live In Centenario Stadium, Montevideo, Uruguay...
 Philadelphia '87 1 CD 1987
 Live at The Chesnut Cabaret, Philadelphia, June...
 Secrets Blues 2 CD 2003
 Live at the 100 Club, England, UK on August 28,...
 Soundboards 3 CD 1988
 Several locations
 The Hungerton Benefit Concert '89 (with Alvin Lee) 1 CD 1989
 Live at The Father Place, Roslyn, Nvember 28 1981...

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